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The information contained in this text is referring to *everything* under the web address ""

You are allowed to use any* and all* assets of this website EXCEPT for any and all source code! This means that if I use music or images or video or whatever that is put under this address, you can download it* and use it however you want*! HOWEVER, you may NOT copy my code! You can use everything but my name and my code! Otherwise, do whatever you want! :) -- Silas Eacret

I DO NOT CONDONE PIRACY! (though, hypothetically, if you were looking for stuff, you could hypothetically use a tool like Google to, hypothetically, find what you desire. Not really, though. That'd be illegal. *wink and nod*)

*: Any material that I did not create (fonts, other sites, some images, etc.) is only usable under the TOS/Copyright of the original owner. So do your research if you plan to download stuff from here

Do note that Neocities TOS/Copyright/etc. DOES have more power than I do, therefore their information always overwrites mine. So please go read through that.